Delivery & Payment


We offer different shipping methods depending on the order volume and delivery priorities. The fastest way is to ship via courier company to your warehouse which is suitable for small order up to 200 Kg and takes 3 to 5 days to deliver. The second method is Airport to Airport delivery where you will have to pick up the goods at Airport. It takes 10 to 15 days to deliver goods and you will need to arrange a broker to clear the goods. Airport to airport delivery is almost 50% cheaper than the courier and is suggested for orders more than 300 Kg. Shipping by sea is the cheapest method and it takes 45 days for North America.


Fine and fresh stock of Pak Persian 16/16 of 2-ply wool, Pak Persian 16/16 of Ghazni wool, Afghan vegetable dye, Chobi 9/9 (with vegetable dyes and handspun Ghazni wool) and of Bokhara in numerous designs with attractive traditional color combinations is available at our design gallery online. Also, all the designs are available in other beautiful color combinations and sizes.

Aamer Mukhtar