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About Silk Route, Inc


We would like to introduce ourselves in a precise way that we are one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of Handmade Oriental Rugs and Carpets in Pakistan. We have been in this business for three decades and now we have established our new with a separate identity as Pak Wholesale Rugs. We have made tremendous progress in terms of quality and designs during the last few years. Also, we have adapted ourselves to the changing market requirements and now we have firmly established ourselves as one of the major exporters of the hand-knotted carpets in the International market. Our major exports are bound for USA, UK and Canada and we intend to expand our business to new markets.

At our new setup you will find washing, cutting, finishing, display of rugs, packing as well as the main office under a single roof. Hence, one can personally scrutinize all the departments thoroughly and easily. As such, we don’t have to look for commercial services from local market for washing and finishing like other exporters. We always keep a keen eye on our masterpieces at every stage till packing and finally its onward shipping to our valued clients.


Fine and fresh stock of Pak Persian 16/16 of 2-ply wool, Pak Persian 16/16 of Ghazni wool, Afghan vegetable dye, Chobi 9/9 (with vegetable dyes and handspun Ghazni wool) and of Bokhara in numerous designs with attractive traditional color combinations is available at our design gallery online. Also, all the designs are available in other beautiful color combinations and sizes.


The quality of a carpet can be determined by counting the number of knots to the square inch. We are the masters in making double-knot 16/16 quality which means 256 knots per square inch and is considered the finest quality in oriental rugs.

Raw Material

Wool is the basic raw material for weaving hand-knotted carpets, although cotton and silk are also used. We are using fine wool of 2-ply, Ghazni vegetable dye and New Zealand worsted wool.

Yarn Quality

The quality of yarn is determined is terms of counts. These start from 3 and go up to 16. 2-ply yarn is the finest in Pakistan and we use it to make better quality carpets.

Dyes and Colors

Dyeing of wool is the next stage. According to the carpet experts, it plays the most important role in designing. We have our own fine beautiful color shades, which cannot be copied by other manufacturers. Our colors do not run or bleed. Our experts apply chemical dyeing on 2-ply wool and vegetable dyeing on Ghazni wool.


Design is the soul of a carpet. Our innovative and qualified designers have improved the old tradition of Pak Persian designs by making imaginative changes in motifs, colors, dimensions and sizes keeping in view the changing demands of International customers.


Our skilled and professional master-weavers work on our own looms whole-heartedly, putting their skill and leaving no stone unturned to produce unique pieces. Moreover, our inspection team inspects production at each loom to check the design and colors used to maintain the quality and meet consumers’ requirements on fortnight basis. The whole inspection process is repeated after the completion of a carpet to ensure the highest standard of quality.

Washing and Cutting Technique

We have developed a special washing and cutting technique, which gives carpets a distinctive shine and softness. It not only cleanses but also gives the carpets a special sheen and luster, which the customer finds irresistible. We have improved this art and developed new washing techniques to suit various design requirements. Gold, Natural and Antique washing techniques are employed to achieve special design effects and surface quality. Cutting is done by modern machine and Pile can be maintained low or high as per demand of our valuable customers.

The advantages of these new washing techniques are that they not only add value to the product but also meet the specific requirements of various market niches.

Finishing and Clipping

Also, at the finishing and clipping stages new techniques have been developed to achieve improvements in the style and look of the carpet. We pay special attention to all the finishing methods i.e. clipping, fringes, edges and stretching to make every piece a symbol of beauty and quality.

Packing and Export

We have experienced and professional staff to handle the packing of carpets in bales for shipment. The fine packing keeps the items fresh for a long period.

Our Exports Department professionally handles the routing and schedule by Air or Sea. Documents are made meticulously in order to avoid any inconvenience at the customs.

Terms and Prices

Our terms and prices are very attractive for our valuable customers like you and we can work on program line too. We individually and collectively stand committed. We have vision to perform in given time frame in all situations without comprising quality. If you will give us your own designs, we will start manufacturing these designs as per your required quality, sizes and color-schemes at reasonable rates. .